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Free Victory Stickers by Shepard Fairey is ready to celebrate the election: “We wanted to say thank you to all of you who worked so hard in this historic campaign, so we joined with Shepard Fairey—the acclaimed artist who designed the iconic Obama “Hope” poster—to create a special piece of art commemorating this historic, people-powered victory.” These postcard sized stickers are completely free. Even shipping is free.

Want more?

You can get one sticker for free. For a $3+ donation, we’ll send you 5 stickers. For a $20+ donation, we’ll send 50 stickers.

They are also offering 5,000 numbered, limited edition full-sized prints of this work. They will be available starting Saturday at 12:30pm (eastern time).

“These 5,000 limited edition prints are 24″ x 36” and are offset printed on French Paper Company’s Cream Speckletone stock under the artist’s supervision. Each print is numbered by hand, 1 through 5000. The first 1000 in the series are signed by Shepard Fairey.

The prints signed by the artist will be available to those who donate $500 or more, while supplies last. The unsigned prints will be available to those who donate $80 or more, plus an additional $10 donation to cover shipping, while supplies last”

4 Responses to “Free Victory Stickers by Shepard Fairey”

  1. lisa austin Says:

    Please send me a yes we did sticker. I worked for OBama and would really want one.

  2. admin Says:

    Sorry Lisa – looks like is all out.

  3. Nicole Says:

    We did a great deal of work for the campaign in/around the greater Boston area…We’d love to know if you have gotten MORE “YES WE DID” stickers? If so…How can I get one (or more…)? Thanks!

  4. Maline Says:

    Looking for Nov. 4,2008 Obama yes we did sticker.
    Thank You

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