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About the Art of Obama

The Art of Obama was created to archive the vast amount of art works being created for/about Barack Obama. As the tagline above states, it is simply meant to be “an exploration of the graphics and graffiti” that have been (and continue to be) inspired by our president elect.

That is really all there is to it. You can  . Or, read some of the nice things that others have said about this site and the images that we post:

“I love your site & am really honored to now become a part of it. This campaign & the good Senator himself, I truly believe, inspire us to be better, to do better- & when’s the last time anybody, most especially a politician, did that? All these creative folk coming together to share messages of hope is just simply wonderful.”
— Robt Seda-Schreiber

“Most people don’t make art unless they’re feeling inspired, and over the past year or so, Barack Obama has inspired lots of people — some of them so much that they felt compelled to make Barack Obama-themed art, some of which is very, very, — even bloggably — strange. Culled from the wonderful compendium that is, these images might inspire you too, or curse you with weird dreams for weeks, depending on your temperament.”
— Mental Floss

“If there was such a condition as paintbrush-shy, Barack Obama hopefully isn’t afflicted by it. As the subject of what is likely the most art created of any presidential candidate in the history of the United States, Obama’s mug is everywhere. You can keep tabs on the myriad of posters, stencils, and wire sculptures depicting the senator through The Art of Obama, a blog doing its best to track all of this artwork”
Art Threat

Today’s Site of the Day is The Art of Obama, a blog dedicated to the graphics and grafitti designed in support of Barack Obama:
— The Inspiration Room

“Perhaps it isn’t too late for folks like me to collect election art. Even now, I cannot resist the temptation. One interesting site dedicated to the purpose is The Art of Obama – a syndication of Obama art from around the world since July 2008.”
— Pop Gadget

“I guess if there’s any proof to the far right’s claim that Barack Obama is a socialist it’s that his face is on more t-shirts than Che Guevara these days. The Art of Obama blog aims to document the outpouring of artwork inspired by Obama’s message of hope and change, and his image itself.”

Art of Obama earnestly features submitted images of His Hopeychangieness, including a confession that they are fans of Dan Lacey, painter of the Nude Obama on Unicorn series [yes, dear God, a series!!] including Hudson River Miracle where Obama is really the one, not Chelsey B. Sullenberger, landing US Air flight 1549.
— Protein Wisdom

“Ahora que Obama ha sido elegido presidente de los EEUU, parece un buen momento de poner un link para el blog The Art of Obama, bitácora en la que se muestran diversas obras inspiradas por el próximo presidente de los EEUU. Dejaremos a otros poner links para the art of McCain”

“That is possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on BB. Apart from the sepia photos of clowns from a few months ago.”
— BoingBoing commenter scorchio75

“There Are Some things You Can’t Unsee. As if an entire blog dedicated to “an exploration of the graphics and graffiti in support of Barack Obama” wasn’t unnecessary enough, the latest entry is a painting of a nude Obama riding a unicorn done by an artist who “who normally paints photos of people with pancakes on their heads.” I’m sure the Committee for the Preservation of the White House will have a tough time deciding whether that will match the decor better in the Lincoln Sitting Room or the Treaty Room…”
— National Review Online

Welcome to The Art of Obama - where the art is political and updated daily. Take a look around, leave some comments, or send us your art and photos.

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