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I still believe.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 | 2 Comments »

Today marks the one year anniversary of Barak Obama’s inauguration.To celebrate Michael Cuffe of The Obama Experiment has released a special print titled: I Still Believe: “I believed in him a year ago, and today… I still believe.”


In No Other Country on Earth is My Story Even Possible

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 | 2 Comments »

Here is an excellent acrylic example from Clayton Singleton: “…painted with layers of color covered with one “skin” color overlayed with an image of Obama with the Presidential oath written and scored throughout the image. I painted this after Barack Obama won the 44th Presidency. It was displayed in The Selden Gallery and published on January 20, 2009 in Portfolio Magazine.”


Obama LSD Blotter (Acid, yes that kind)

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 | 5 Comments »

The Apothecary’s Blotter Gallery on (the obviously drug related website) Erowid is currently featuring some LSD blotter with the presedents likeness. Found via BoingBoing.



SOS Obama

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 | 3 Comments »

Not all the images we receive are pro-obama … some are critical and some, like this piece by Rick Held are statements of desperateness: “Being affected by rampant unemployment and foreclosure we all need help”



It’s Never Been About Me; It’s Always Been About You

Friday, July 24th, 2009 | No Comments »

And from Clayton Singleton: “This acrylic painting on canvas was painted after seeing President Obama as Senator Obama on one of many Obama rallies in the battleground state of Virginia. I got to shake his hand and have my book signed at this particular event in Chesapeake, VA. cool guy.”

obama_never been about me.JPG (202 KB)


(Obama) Mutts Like Me

Thursday, July 16th, 2009 | No Comments »

American artist Matthew Beall writes in from Ulm, Germany: “… the Obama portraits reflect the iconic status that we (Americans) so very much love to create in America. The colored lips and eyebrows can be thought of as a mask, if you will, in which many minorities, especially blacks, have had to wear throughout history. The title, of course, is what he called himself in a speech made in Nov. 2008 after he won the election. The background colors are meant to reflect this idea, the idea of a mixed identity and the question of ‘Do I fit in?'”

obama mutts like me 4 redone (646 x 913).jpg (87 KB)


For All People (red tears?)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 | No Comments »

Tara Scott presents For All People: “Showing the emotion of three different races of people showing their reaction of President Obama speaking at the Inauguration 2009.” … Interesting composition, but the the red tears are freaking me out a bit.

For all People.jpg (4 MB)


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