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One of these is not quite the same

If you were watching the election coverage on NBC Tuesday night, you may have noticed Brian Williams pull out a chart showing the former 43 presidents. The commentary that followed discussed how different the chart will look when the 44th president is added. Personally, I like this version spotted in photostream:

The best part

…is how simple the drawing are – yet you can clearly tell who each one is.

Updated 11-17

Thank to “Kittens Rule” we now know who the artist is. You can see a larger version on Patrick Moberg’s site. Prints are only $15:

  • 17″ by 11″ Inkjet Print
  • Signed

8 Responses to “One of these is not quite the same”

  1. zach Says:

    This art piece is really interesting.

  2. Jami Says:

    What an adorable drawing. I absolutely love it.

  3. Eva Says:

    Love it!

  4. Mike Says:

    The shirt version of this art is even cooler.

  5. Kittens Rule Says:

    This was created by Patrick Moberg. You can see/buy it here:

    -great blog btw!

  6. Our President-elect | The Art of Obama Says:

    […] to a reader “Kittens Rule”, the creator of our new favorite presidential chart has been identified! While on Patrick’s site we also took a few moments to look at the rest […]

  7. JRTHEKING Says:

    I put up this chart of all the 43(soon to be 44) Presidents as my screen saver.I remember when Senator Obama won the election I felt this palpable wave of energy.It was just surging,like electricity.I was so excited,I couldn`t sleep that night.
    And not too long after the historic win,I went on line and looked up the ”President Of The United States Of America” chart with detailed listings of all of the 43 Commander-In Chiefs.And as I looked from George Washington to Jefferson to JFK to Reagan to Bush to Clinton to W.Bush,I thought back to what my older brother said of Obama`s victory:”Holy s***,he really did it!!!”Just amazing and I`m so happy I lived to see this day.

  8. psychicdeath Says:

    Cute. But since when did Truman serve AFTER Eisenhower?

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