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He proud, she joyfull

created this piece depicting President Obama and Michelle dancing at inauguaral ball: “he proud, she joyfull: Although this looks, and feels like a painting, it is actually done with graphite pencil and charcoal”. Learn more inside…

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I was inspired by my mentor to do a portrait of President Obama and wife. I chose the subject of them dancing at the inaugural ball because I remember the great feeling of that moment. The sense of relief that things had gone well that day, no attempted assasination or anything else horrible, the feeling that we truely do live in a great country. A country where leaders peacefully step down and hand over power to the next president, in this case, a regular guy and his wife, who started out as what I would call normal americans. I wanted to capture this moment in time with the energy they both exuded. Can you imagine getting through a day like that. To accomplish one of the greatest achievements in american history—to realize your partner and you got through the day safely, and now your dancing as the President of the United States and first lady. An amazing day, and moment in history.

4 Responses to “He proud, she joyfull”

  1. ann Says:

    ilove this captures the moment of their first historic dance. beautiful!

  2. Bibi Says:

    I love this! Thanks for adding beauty to this world!


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  4. Anonymous Says:

    Love this drawing. The drawing shows
    the joy both the President and his wife
    were feeling.

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