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This just in from Ronald Freeman “… an oil painting on canvas 36″ x 48″. I painted this during Barak’s inauguration. It moved me to create something that would immortalized him. Like music, ART is there for all to see,feel and embrace. It moves each of us in different ways. I hope this image moves people and especially our children to create something that will last a lifetime and beyond. Peace and Love”

In Thought

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3 Responses to ““iN THOUGHT””

  1. Lila Says:

    I’ve viewed several pieces of art which depicted President Obama since his inauguration, but this rendition is simply captivating. Where can I see more of this artist’s work?

  2. JB Says:

    The artist has captured the essence of Barack Obama…A man whose thoughts and visions has already begun to change world and the way we see it…a man for all people…

  3. AJB Says:

    I have seen several pieces of your work now and you are an extrremely talented artist. Your work tells a story far beyond the picture. You have a natural gift.

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