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Obama in Berlin (amazing woodcut)

Juergen Christ is a photographer and woodcut print maker from Germany. His latest work is a detailed reproduction of a photo taken during Obama’s visit to Berlin: “The Obama woodcut is sized 1,00 x 1,50 Meter, time for working ist more than 5 months. First print – proof print – will be made in few weeks by the professional artist printer Martin Kaetelhoen.”

Druckstock_2.JPG (284 KB)

“Original photo was taken by ap/Hong on 24th july 2008 in Berlin/Germany, all other by Martin Kaetelhoen last week. The photos of Kaetelhoen show the artist Juergen Christ in working with the print-plate.”




5 Responses to “Obama in Berlin (amazing woodcut)”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Wow, that is amazing! I hate to mention this after 5 months of work, but it looks like the original image was flipped…. That banner should read “ANGOLA”.

    Of course, this means that is is correct in the block cut!

    However, it will be wrong in the final prints :(

  2. admin Says:


    I did not even notice that when I posted it – but, you seem to be correct. Perhaps it was intentional?

  3. J.Christ Says:

    the original image is correkt. Man holt the banner to the people, not to Obama. You see the backside of the banner. And …block cuts are always inverted..
    greetings from germany

  4. Tammi Vaughan Says:

    This artist might just become as famous as the artist of Hitler!

  5. Len Fink Says:

    Hitler? Really? Without facts or critical thinking, I guess that’s all your infantile mind has?! Here is something for you and your intellect, “What a Maroon” – Bugs Bunny.

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