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Hyper Realistic, Photographic Based Painting

Ryan Renner writes in: “I just launched the site. I think this may be something your visitors are interested in.” Well, I am not a big fan of hyper realistic, photographic based work – but perhaps the readers are, so here goes… Links and images inside.


Yes this is a painting

Don’t believe me? Click to see the detail:


Still interested?

Here you go: “A talented portrait artist will turn the official photo of President Barack Obama into an oil painting. Each painting is 100% hand painted. We let our work speak for itself. An Obama oil painting starts at only $179. Once you’ve placed an order, please allow 4 weeks to receive your Barack Obama art.”

One Response to “Hyper Realistic, Photographic Based Painting”

  1. herykoko Says:

    yeah…i think you are a good artist

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