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Hudson River Miracle

As you might have noticed, we are big fans of Dan Lacey and his recent Obama work: “An acrylic and oil painting of Barack Obama on his unicorn helping pilot Chelsey B. Sullenberger to land U.S. Air Flight 1549 . Inspired by the ‘Miracle On The Hudson River.'” Currently .


Wait a sec!

Is that the swamp thing peeking out behind the unicorn???

14 Responses to “Hudson River Miracle”

  1. Obamart [Darleen Click] Says:

    […] of Dan Lacey, painter of the Nude Obama on Unicorn series [yes, dear God, a series!!] including Hudson River Miracle where Obama is really the one, not Chelsey B. Sullenberger, landing US Air flight […]

  2. BuddyPC Says:

    The One not only guides the obedient servant Sullenberger, helps the passengers, and parts the waters safely for those riverside in fulfilling the Biden’s prophecy, averting another 9/11 in that first of many great post ascendency challenges, but that he also saves the geese is what makes this piece truly transcendant.

    I think its important how the signature balances the unicorn structurally, and thereby anchors the composition.

  3. bastitches Says:

    Is that the swamp thing peeking out behind the unicorn???

    No, it’s the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

  4. Oregon Commentator » Blog Archive » Naked Barack Obama on a Unicorn Landing U.S. Air Flight 1549 in the Hudson River Says:

    […] ??? […]

  5. Hanoi Paris Hilton Says:

    I thought at first that all those geese heads crammed into the jet intakes were actually the heads of jihadi Saudis, mistaking the geese eye dots as the black strings on their white kefffiyahs, and the yellow geese beaks as the sallow faces and noses below the keffiyahs, with a trimmed beard encircling each of them. Hmmmm…

    This is a major piece, so I can’t believe that only 28 hours from the auction closing at e-bay, the price is still a pathetic $260!

  6. BarbaraS Says:

    Look at the famous presidents on Mount Rushmore in the background supporting their guy. As if he was their guy. It’s a wonder they don’t crumble to dust realizing this guy is now president. He realy can’t make up his mind which former president he most resembles. I can tell him one thing, that president is not on Mount Rushmore. On the contrary, he was recently on the news shows saying Hamas could be trusted. LOL.

  7. Dana Says:

    BuddyPC I hope your kidding about the unicorn anchoring the composition. I never laughed so hard in my life. This painting will be so funny on my twitter. I love to share insanity with my fellow conservatives. Peace OUT sparkey999w

  8. A “naked Obama + unicorn” picture we’d previously missed Says:

    […] this one he’s helping Captain Sullenberger land in the Hudson. My favorite detail is the geese in the engines. Also the Swamp Thing and what apparently is […]

  9. SurferJoe Says:

    This is just plane SICK. I do like the monster from the black lagoon though~;-0)

  10. SurferJoe Says:

    This is just plane SICK!
    I do like the monster from the black lagoon though~;-0)

  11. CurtisA Says:

    I DO hope this is satirical and sarcastic in nature. Because the thought that I should think Obama is nothing short of a GOD makes me want to throw up.

    MY God guided that plane to safety, not THAT freak that lives in OUR White House.

  12. Donna Says:

    I sure hope that your comment is sarcastic… because the idea that anyone/thing other then Mr. Sullenberger should get credit for saving those people MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    that is bogas it is making that look like obama caused the crash

  14. MBT Shoes Online Store Says:

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