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Obama Taco Underwear

Stranger and stranger they come… The painting below “A Tale Of Two Heart-Throbs” is just one in a series from Taco Werewolf the self-proclaimed American Werewolf in Indiana who spends his days in a mexican fast-food resturant and his nights painting: “my life had become consumed by just 3 things: BARACK OBAMA, TACOS AND UNDERWEAR!!!” Jump inside to see more of the taco inspired series.


Titles listed below each work:

“A Change In Underwear We Can Believe In”

“Hot Sauce Of Hope On The Three Hillarys”

“The Supreme Court Case Of The Oprah Winfrey Bra”

“Obamamania Baptism In The Lake of Nacho Cheese”

“The Evil Experiment of Reverend Wrightenstein”

“The Newtclear Tacos of Barocket Obomber”

“The Trilateral Puppet Graveyard of Count Zbigula”

“Jesse Jackson, Scissors and Hairy Beach Volleyball”

“The Gay Green Energy Of FrankenGore”

“‘Touchdown Obama’ Appoints Randy Moss ‘Secretary of Six'”

“Obama Gives Brett Favre A Change In Underwear”

2 Responses to “Obama Taco Underwear”

  1. christanley Says:

    hello obama are you doingt

  2. Accipiter Says:

    what is this i don’t know how to internet obama taco is?yes

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