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Safety Guidelines for Your Home Spa or Hot Tub

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Safety Guidelines for Your Home Spa or Hot Tub at

Given the increasing number of hot tubs and spas being installed in homes and back yards these days, hot tub safety merits all our attention.

 It’s wise to be informed on this topic whether you already have a hot tub or are planning to buy one. We associate hot tubs with fun and relaxation, and that’s what they’re for, but they also have a number of potential health issues.

Due to the moist, warm environment, hot tubs and spas can provide a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. It’s not uncommon for Legionella bacteria to grow in a hot tub that is not properly maintained. This dangerous bacteria can cause Legionnaire’s disease as well as pneumonia and eye or ear infections. With proper hot tub care and maintenance, you can greatly reduce the possibility of becoming ill from your hot tub.

Disinfection is key to preventing bacteria from growing in your hot tub. While many hot tubs and spas come equipped with UV light systems and ozone treatments, these are no substitute for the use of chemical disinfectants. The disinfectant level should be no lower than 3ppm for chlorine and 4.5ppm for bromine. The ideal pH level for your hot tub water is between 7.2 and 7.6.

You should check the disinfectant level in your hot tub before and after each use. Most hot tub and spa dealers sell test kits. These should be used regularly. One way to minimize the amount of bacteria that gets into your hot tub is to shower before taking a soak. The frequency of usage is another factor to consider. If you rarely use your hot tub, you will need to use a smaller amount of chemicals than if you use it daily.

Every month or so, you should drain your hot tub and clean it thoroughly with a bleach solution. You should also clean the filtration and pumping systems regularly. By following these safety and hygiene tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub for many years. If you have any questions or concerns about hot tub safety, contact your local hot tub dealer or manufacturer. You can also browse the Internet for tips.

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