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H&S performance

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H&S performance

How to monitor h&s performance?

If you’re ready to learn all about the seven best performance tuners on the market, you’ve come to the right place. 

You can skip this page and go straight to hundreds of actual buyer reviews 

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will quickly find at least 11 or 12 performance tuner
manufacturers. Most of them make the similar claims as the other: “buy our performance tuner to increase fuel economy and boost horsepower.”

They all do about the same thing. They sometimes look similar, may or may not be priced similar and their results are usually based on the same or very similar technologies.

So how do you know which performance tuner will give you the best return on your investment and how do you know which one is specifically engineered for your vehicle?

Not only which one is best, but how do you know you are getting the cheapest price online?

We have researched 7 performance tuners online.  These are seven of the most well-known performance tuner manufacturers on the web.  Each manufacturer obviously has their own website.  You can go to each one and do exhaustive research ’til you’re blue in the face.  You know each manufacturer is going to put their own spin on their product to try to present it in the most favorable light possible.  And going to each website is going to take an enormous amount of time.

And that still doesn’t solve the price question.   How do you know you are getting the best price on the web?

The best place to get unbiased information on any performance tuner is from a buyer and user of a  performance tuner, don’t you think?.  And where can you find the best buyer reviews and feedback?  From the best online merchants themselves.  The ones who are selling the most performance tuners and the ones with the most customers.

You can learn more in 15 minutes reading customer feedback on a tuner than you can reading countless biased web pages full of slick marketing content and flashy, persuasive stats.  You just have to go to the site that has sold the most performance tuners to be able to read the most number of customer reviews.  Right?

And what about price?  This one is easy.  It’s probably the same one that sells the most.

And that’s going to be the one with:

  • the lowest price guarantee for one year
  • free shipping
  • easy returns
  • professional staff to answer your questions AFTER the sale.

Because all  of these are potential costs.

When one online merchant sells for a lower price,  he may charge more for shipping.  If he doesn’t charge you for shipping, he may extract a fee for a return.  Or, they may not even be knowledgable enough to answer an installation question after you purchase your performance tuner. Then what?

So, our little site is about providing information to help you:

  1. find the best performance tuner made
  2. make sure it is the best performance tuner for specific make, model and vehicle
  3. find the cheapest price on the internet
  4. find the best online merchant to buy from.


So click on any of the specific performance tuner tabs and do your research.  Go to the merchant websites and see the customer reviews.  You can read up on any performance tuner and find the right one for you.  And, most of all, when you get ready to buy, you’ll know you have found the  right tuner at the right price from the right online merchant.

Learn The Import Car Performance Basics Every Import Tuner Must Know.

Whether you’re new to the import tuner scene or you’ve worked on 5 of the import cars in “The Fast And The Furious”, there are some basics that you must know to build a truly impressive street machine. Without knowing these basics, you could be wasting tons of money on high priced performance parts that actually make your ride slower and less responsive.

Let’s face it… This sport can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. And if you’re buying the wrong parts, it can get pretty damn frustrating too. To avoid frustration and save yourself a lot money, you must…

Do Your Homework, Import Tuner!

My first word of advice is to do your homework. Not only do you need to know what types of performance parts are out there and which ones fit your performance goals, but you also need to know which ones will actually fit in your vehicle.

It’s no fun to order a new cold air intake or nitrous oxide system, only to find out it doesn’t fit on your car… Trust me, I know from experience.

If you’ve already done your homework, and you want to find the best place to buy import tuner parts, and dpf delete kits check here

Import Car Performance In One Paragraph

Air and fuel are combined in the engine’s cylinders. An electrical spark ignites the mixture and causes an explosion. The explosion moves the pistons, which turns the crankshaft. Power is then transferred to the transmission via clutch or torque converter. Then the differential distributes the power to the wheels via the axles.

(Admittedly, this is an over-generalization, but we’ll get into more detail as we talk about each stage.)

Import Tuning… One Stage At A Time

Let me ask you a question…

Would you put your socks on after your shoes are already on your feet? Hopefully not. 🙂

Well, just like there is a certain order that you put on your socks and shoes, there is a proper order you should add your import car performance parts. Professional import tuners call this process “staged upgrades”.

It may be tempting to drop in a nitrous oxide system into your completely stock sport compact, but you’ll get very disappointing results because so many of your stock engines parts are restricting the power output. What a waste of time and money!?

Bottom Line: To get the most power and control out of your import car… To get the most bang for your hard earned bucks, you just need to follow the steps outlined in the pages to follow.

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