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How to use the slope feature of the electric treadmill

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Electric treadmill has become a familiar kind of exercise machine. It’s rare for a professional gym to lack this type of exercise machine. However, for many beginners who use treadmills, there are many features of the treadmill that they haven’t used up to reach the maximum training effect, changing the slope is one of those features. Today we will show you how to use the treadmill change feature to help you use an electric treadmill effectively and achieve your goals.

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Have 2 Basic errors when using an electric treadmill:

  • Only focus on changing the running speed but forget about other features
  • Or adjust the slope up to the maximum because the higher the slope, the more calories you burn, the more effective your workout

But did you know that:

  • With only a 9% slope of the treadmill, your hands will have to work 6 times more, your leg muscles must work 1.75 times more and your buttocks will work 3.45 times more than when running. at a slope of 0%.
  • Unintended practice, not combined with diet and not using all the features of the treadmill will make you spend a lot of time and effort without maximum efficiency.
  • Adjusting the slope not only makes you spend more energy, it also helps you to focus on the different muscle groups in the body.

How to use the treadmill change feature?

  • No matter what type of exercise you want to be effective you need to create your own specific training plan and jog. You should gradually increase the slope with time to practice, if you are a novice, you should practice from 0% first.
  • When increasing the slope up, reduce the speed so that the body can get used to it, then gradually increase the speed.
  • If you have little practice time and can only practice a few sessions per week, you should adjust many different slopes in the same training session. For example: After a thorough start you start with normal running mode, every 2 minutes you increase by 0.5% to the maximum that you can run without handrails. Then, you lower 0.5% after 2 minutes, this way like you are practicing running on a diverse terrain in just one training session, your body will not be shocked, you will be increased flexibility tough quickly.
  • Listen to your body and adjust your slope appropriately.

Slope adjustment mode on electric treadmill:

  • Most high-class electric treadmill in the gym are equipped with automatic slope adjustment system, the rest of the manual slope elevators are usually home electric treadmills.
  • Often the high-end electric treadmill will have slope adjustment keys on the handle and on the console with levels (usually from 0-10%).
  • The manual treadmill with manual slope adjustment is usually attached to the running table, can adjust from 3-5 slope levels.

Above is the experience of Minh Phu sports on how to adjust the slope of the treadmill, wish you use the treadmill effectively and safely!


If you are having trouble understanding how to use the treadmill’s slope feature, we hope that through the instructions in this article you can now conceptualize and handle it. Your problems.
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