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How To Relax in Above Ground Spa

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Soaking in warm relaxing water in nothing new, as today’s hot tubs are really just smaller versions of the old Roman baths around which much of their culture was built.

An outdoor above ground spa is a great way to relax and renew yourself. Soaking in warm relaxing water in nothing new, as today’s hot tubs are really just smaller versions of the old Roman baths around which much of their culture was built. The ancient Romans knew that even the worst day could be forgotten after a soak in the tub. While the above ground spas we have today are smaller, they are still just as effective at melting away the day’s stresses.

It is the circulation of the jets that give your above ground hot tub its power of relaxation. They provide filtration of the water as well as moving it around the tub and your body. In modern hot tubs these jets are often specifically designed to work well on a particular part of your body. You will also see jets grouped together to give you the best possible results, for example four jets working together to give you a powerful neck massage. Jets will be located where they can work on specific parts of your body, with jets in the foot well relaxing your feet and jets in the seat relaxing your legs, back, and neck. These jets are usually fully adjustable to give you the amount of pressure that is comfortable for you. When you are not seated directly in front of the jets they work together to gently move the water around the hot tub.

Another feature of the hot tub that aids in relaxation is the blower. Tiny bubbles are released through holes in both the foot wells and seats. The blower is also fully adjustable, so you can find a level of bubbles that feels just right to you.

The temperature of a hot tub should ideally be between 98 and 102 degrees, although some people may have preferences beyond that range. It is also important to take the external temperature into account, as you may want to lower the water temperature when the outside temperature drops.

You don’t want to jump into a hot tub the way you would with a swimming pool. Take your time and slide down into the relaxing warm water. Allow yourself to just enjoy your time in the hot tub, maybe even with a glass of wine. Let your mind wander to whatever topic helps you relax as you lean back against the massaging jets. Most people enjoy the company of at least one other person in the hot tub, as it provides a great place to mull over the days issues and share your concerns or worries. The warm relaxing environment is often a great place for brainstorming new ideas and healing old wounds. The ancient Romans knew this all to well, as the tubs where the place of choice to seal a business deal.

The perfect setting for relaxation is accomplished by the combination of the parts of the hot tub, warm water, healing steam, and the gentle motion of the water. You can make adjustments to the jet settings and temperature until you find the perfect combination for you. There are also products such as fragrances and bubble baths that are specifically designed to work in hot tubs. They can be a wonderful addition to the experience. Allow yourself to sit back and relax as you enjoy your new hot tub.

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