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How to Prepare to Play Bowling

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How to Prepare to Play Bowling at revolutionsbowl.com

1 – Find a bowling club

Go on the internet to find a local bowling that suits your search. Try to find a place that offers bowling lessons or has a bowling league for beginners.
If you want to play bowling with friends, find a place that is listed as a place of entertainment and may also have a fast food offer.

2 – Go to the bowling hall you have chosen

Talk to other players and staff and see if you can even join a party. At the same time, you can go to a club with a group of friends. If you ask people if you can join them for a game, make sure the level is not too competitive. You can even make new friends at the bowling club.

3 – Have bowling shoes

If you are a beginner, you can simply rent shoes at the club. If you want to take off your game, you can buy a pair of shoes. City shoes will not be appropriate for bowling because they will either make you stick to the ground instead of slipping naturally or they will drag you too much and cause you injury.

  • If you do not wear bowling shoes, you can also damage or leave scratches on the floor of the driveway. Rent a pair of shoes unless you want to get in trouble before you even start playing.
  • Do not forget to wear socks or bring socks to the club. Some clubs sell socks, but they will be expensive.

4 – Choose the right ball

Before you can start playing, you must find a ball that has the right weight for you and is the right size for your fingers. The balls are labeled according to their weight, so a ball on which is written “8” will weigh 8 pounds (4 kilos). Here’s how to find a ball of the right size and weight.

  • The weight. A 6 to 7-kilogram ball will suit most adult men, and a 4.5 to 6-kilogram ball will suit most adult women. Generally, it is better to have a ball that is a bit heavier because it will help you gain momentum. The general rule is that the ball should weigh 10% of your body weight, if you weigh 60 pounds, you should play with a ball of 6 kilos.
  • The size of the thumb hole. Your thumb should fit snugly into the insulated thumb hole. You should be able to pull it out of the hole without snags or stuck, but the hole should not be so big that you have to squeeze the thumb into the hole to grip the ball.
  • The size of the middle finger holes. Once you have inserted your thumb, you must throw your middle and ring finger into the other two holes. If the gap between the holes is correct, your two fingers should be easily and comfortably established in both holes so that the middle finger joint aligns with the side of the hole closest to your thumb. Curve your two fingers in the holes to make sure they fit snugly into the hole like your thumb.

5 – Find your bowling alley

Once you register at the club and put on your shoes, you will be directed to a bowling alley. If you can choose your track, choose a track that is far from noisy or rowdy people. But it’s your choice: you may be able to play better if you’re surrounded by other players.

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