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Helpful Information on Jacuzzi’s and Hot Tubs

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Helpful Information on Jacuzzi's and Hot Tubs at

Jacuzzi is a brand name of a water pump system used in bathtubs, but people often use the term to refer to a hot tub or spa. You can use the terms interchangeably.

When shopping for a Jacuzzi or hot tub, you need to keep several things in mind. First, where do you want to put it? A Jacuzzi needs a room with good ventilation. The warm water produces steam, and good ventilation to the outdoors keeps drywall from mildew and rot.


A Jacuzzi also needs a good foundation to provide plenty of support to hold all of the water. It’s not a good idea to put a Jacuzzi on the second floor, unless it’s a small bathtub model or in the basement, either, because cement block walls can hinder ventilation and cause moisture problems

A cement slab or patio is an ideal location for a Jacuzzi spa. To use it year-around, you could build a gazebo or small room around it. Windows can be operable or removable to allow for ventilation or for cooling the room on hot summer nights.

Hot Tub Size

Second, what size of hot tub do you need? A hot tub for two, or a large tub for many? If you plan on hosting lots of parties, you might want to consider a six- to eight-person Jacuzzi. If it’s only for you and a significant other, 2 person inflatable hot tub might be perfect.

Jacuzzi hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and a wide selection of shapes. They can be round, square, oval, kidney shaped, or custom designed to fit a unique space. A Jacuzzi can even be made to curve around a wall or other architectural detail.

Kinds of Materials

Jacuzzi’s can be made from many different kinds of materials. Inflatable hot tubs are portable so you move them where you want them, fill them up with air, then let the air out when you want to move them again. If you live in a cold climate, an inflatable hot tub offers a lot of flexibility. You can enjoy it outside in the summer and bring it inside for the winter.

High-resin plastics and wood often comprise the exterior of Jacuzzi’s and hot tubs. When buying wood products, be sure the wood has been specially treated to resist water and heat damage.

The interior of a Jacuzzi is almost always made of a type of plastic. The number of jets and how many settings they have determine the price of a Jacuzzi. Settings can be limited to high and low or have multiple choices for water speed and angle.

Quality of Water

Jacuzzi’s require care similar to that of an outdoor pool. You must check the water levels regularly and test the water for bacteria. To prevent the growth of bacteria and other contaminants, you will have to treat the water with a variety of chemicals. Your Jacuzzi should come with instructions on testing your water and which chemicals and the amount to use. The dealer will also have instructions and can offer you guidance until you’re familiar with the process.

Maintenance Cost

In addition to the initial cost of the Jacuzzi, you will have monthly maintenance expenses which include water, chemicals to keep the water clean at the right pH, and electricity to keep the water warm.

The options and accessories available to go with your hot tub are unlimited. A few fun items include tub loungers, floating tiki bars, pillows, drink holders, and toys for the kids. You can buy special seat cushions to help with back problems or other ailments.


Your Jacuzzi should be covered when not in use. A cover keeps dust and debris out of the water and the jets. It will keep any wandering children out of the water, too. If you have children, you can buy special infrared and laser security alarms. These will go off if the light beam is broken. If you have a Jacuzzi in your home, safety should be a top priority

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