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Comparing Above Ground Hot Tubs to In Ground Ones

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Comparing Above Ground Hot Tubs to In Ground Ones at https://artofobama.com

Hot tubs, or spas, come in two different types, either above ground (also known as portable) or in ground (also known as permanent).

While above ground and in ground spas are both designed to relax you, there are some key advantages to both models. Let’s examine at some of the important differences. What type you purchase will depend both on the amount of space you have and your own personal preferences.

When it comes to room, an above ground hot tub will usually require less of it than an in ground hot tub. While above ground hot tubs do not necessarily have a smaller capacity than in ground hot tubs, they are designed to be more compact and so take up less overall space. All of the components of an above ground hot tub are tucked into the unit itself. Some of them, like the water heater, are smaller to make this possible. Although the water heater is an above ground spa is smaller and less powerful than for an in ground spa, don’t worry. The smaller water heater does the job fine, as the water only needs to travel around the hot tub, and not through a series of pipes. An above ground spa is easily relocated due to this compact design.

Above ground hot tubs usually have wood enclosures without very many embellishments. Most modern hot tubs are constructed using fiberglass, although you can still find some that were produced using redwood. They come in sizes that can accommodate from two to ten people comfortably. They also come in a variety of styles, even some with reclined seats. You will also have several options when it comes to jets, which are usually built into the seats and foot wells. You will enter the above ground hot tub over the top edge, so some models come with stairs and a light for added safety.

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