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How to choose the best Barbecue of the year?

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How to choose the best Barbecue of the year?

With the arrival of planchas, we tend to forget the traditional. However, it is clear that the taste differs and this remains the asset of charcoal barbecues . Summer is fast approaching and festive desires are rising. Grills are essential because they create an unusual atmosphere. The planchas may be modern and healthy, the specialists are unanimous, the taste obtained by coal remains by far the best. The technical evolution however modified the rules of the game. You will thus be entitled to several models of several manufacturers. Too bad there is no standard to follow to facilitate the choice.

This buying guide is then dedicated to you if you want to acquire one of these materials in the times to come. This guide will give you all the elements to take into account for a possible purchase of charcoal barbecue . However, we must begin with a brief explanation of this material. A purchase is determined by the knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment. You will then have rights to the full details of the points to be taken into account. At the end of the article you will be introduced to the best of charcoal barbecues. On this, read how to choose a charcoal barbecue.

Working principle of a charcoal barbecue

Basically, the principle is quite simple. The charcoal barbecue uses the heat emitted by the fuel that is coal. This heat is at the origin of cooking and heating by the barbecue. It is very easy to understand this mode of operation, however, this traditional technique contains an unparalleled art. Unlike planchas that need constant current to keep a temperature, the charcoal barbecue can retain heat for long enough without having to refuel. The coal, when consumed, becomes an ember which keeps a temperature around 350 ° C. This makes it all the more interesting to opt for a charcoal barbecue.

Simple and user-friendly cooking

Barbecues have no restrictions on the type of food you put on it. Meat, fish, bacon, vegetables, all this can be cooked with charcoal barbecue. In addition to this, these foods will be cooked in two different ways. Indeed, the heat of the fire will give your dishes a taste of smoke, typical of charcoal barbecues. Apart from that, the warmth of the cooking grid will operate at the heart of your food while maintaining an unparalleled accuracy. This makes the barbecue very interesting because with simple equipment, you can have exceptional results.

The benefits of a charcoal barbecue

The charcoal barbecue, although traditional, presents and still keeps its best assets. After reading this article, you’ll be sure to leave the planchas in favor of charcoal barbecues and here’s why.


The charcoal barbecue is simple to use. Formerly, it was difficult to light coal, nowadays, the manufacturers have been able to solve this problem. And what’s interesting is that the result is much better compared to the one on a plancha.

Friendly barbecue

This device is often used in reunions, outings with friends … We often see a friendly circle and a relaxed atmosphere around the barbecue. In short, this equipment has become important today to ensure moments of intense joy.

Unique taste

The smoke produced by the fire is the key element that gives its typical flavor to food passing on the barbecue. She will perfume your dishes. It is good to admit that the public loves this taste of smoked meat from a charcoal barbecue.

There are barbecues at all prices

The charcoal barbecues are very affordable financially. At first sight, the barbecue will cost you around 60 €. However, it will not need electricity to operate. That said, in the long run, you will do a clear economy.


Because of their enamelled steel structure, a charcoal barbecue can boast of being durable. On top of that, with regular maintenance, be sure, your hardware will last well over a century.

The few negatives

Like everything else, there are two sides to what you have and the barbecue is no exception to this rule. Here are some points that you will find a little unpleasant in some cases.

The spread of smoke

When coal is consumed, there is emanation of gas and smoke that many people do not like. The smoke is then in this case harmful for the environment and health. It is therefore, always advisable to cook your charcoal barbecue on the outside.


Unlike planchas, barbecue charcoal requires a little patience to work on it. This in the case where it is usually necessary to wait for the transformation into a brazier to be able to operate.

How to choose your barbecue charcoal?

Several criteria come into play when talking about a possible purchase. At the base, all charcoal barbecues are satisfying in the performance of their main task which is to cook. However, there are still some models that stand out. Here are the points to inspect if you want to make a barbecue purchase.

The type of barbecue

You have to wonder why you will use the barbecue. For the case of simply smoking meat and fish, a lid is needed. Otherwise, if you just want to cook your dishes, a classic model will suffice. The rest will depend on your preferences, like you rather modern or classic design, transportable or disposable … In short, you will be spoiled for choice.

The intended use

This goes hand in hand with the situation of your residence. Indeed, if you prefer to just have a barbecue for everyday cooking, an indoor location will suffice of course with an electric barbecue. Just ensure proper ventilation and smoke evacuation. For this purpose, the terraces or the garden are recommended. This also implies that you choose a fixed location to set up a standard and imposing type barbecue. If you want to offer a barbecue for outings or friends, consider buying a more compact and portable model.

General quality

The quality of a barbecue includes several criteria ranging from its ease of use to its price through the dimensions of the cooking grid. Indeed, a barbecue must be easy to light. To do this, the builders had the idea of ​​ignition chimneys for example. In addition, keep an eye on the dimensions of the grid, a large dimension always requires a large volume of coal, but for several dishes cooked simultaneously.

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