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Best electric grill: the comparison

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Why not organize a barbecue evening with friends in your apartment? Indeed, it became possible thanks to the smokeless indoor grill electric barbecue. So, to help you choose the model that best suits your needs, we have prepared this special electric grill buying guide for you.

What is an electric grill?

The electric grill is a device that can be used inside and outside to make good grills. Equipped with a heating element that runs on electricity, you just need to plug it into an electrical outlet to activate it.

The use of the electric barbecue is therefore very practical, because it is easily installed on a table, in the balcony or even in the garden, depending on the model. It is compact, easy to store, allows quick cooking of meats and does not generate carbon smoke.

How to choose a quality electric grill?

The power

Like any other electric cooking appliance, the higher the power of the grill, the faster and more efficiently it cooks food.

Thus, we do not recommend electric barbecues of less than 1000 watts which are much less efficient, provided that they have a cover to keep the heat. In general, electric barbecues from 1500 watts to 2000 watts will offer optimal cooking, which does not prevent some devices even have a power of more than 3000 watts.

It would be best if your grill machine is also equipped with a thermostat, so that you can gauge its power according to the food to be grilled. However, there are models of barbecues with automatic programs that allow ideal cooking of red meats, fish, sausages, poultry, burgers, paninis and others.

The plaques

The plate is the part on which the food to be grilled is placed. And in addition to the models with a simple grill intended for grilling, most indoor electric barbecues are now equipped with several types of plates that can adapt to all kinds of ingredients, even the most delicate.

So, to vary your preparations, we advise you to opt for a versatile hob that offers several positions, namely a grill for meats, a grill for croque-monsieur, paninis, sandwiches and others.

It would also be best to opt for a full or semi-perforated baking sheet which can be converted into a plancha to sear vegetables and meats. In addition, prefer a plate with a coating of cast aluminum or stainless steel, because these materials are significantly more resistant to heat. On the capacity side, note that an electric grill for 8 people and more requires a dimension of 1000 cm², or 40 cm x 25 cm.

The interview

The cleaning of your electric barbecue is one of the main elements to take into account when choosing. In fact, barbecue appliances that are easy to clean are generally those with removable accessories.

We therefore recommend that you choose a grill with a removable plate, and better still: removable elements that can easily be washed in the dishwasher. In this way, not only will your tools regain their original appearance, but you will also save precious time for cleaning them.

It is also essential that the device has a removable grease collecting tray, always from the point of view of maintenance. In this case, make sure that the container can contain water so that you can empty and wash it easily.

Why buy an electric grill?

The practicality of a small barbecue

Indoor electric barbecues perfectly meet the needs of barbecue lovers who do not necessarily have a garden.

Ideal for evenings with family or friends, the electric grill does not take up an important place for its installation. It is enough to place it on a table for the models to ask, or in the balcony for the models on feet.

It allows you to enjoy a pleasant moment in an apartment where everyone is gathered around a delicious raclette dish. And once the evening is over, the tool can be easily stored in the cupboard so as not to clutter our worktop or our small balcony.

Healthier preparations

Grills are preparations that do not require the use of a large amount of oil, unlike foods that are seared on a pan.

Here, you don’t need oil or butter to taste tasty grilled seafood, merguez, hamburgers and paninis.

Furthermore, the electric grill is also one of the cleanest cooking appliances since it does not pollute its environment. Unlike charcoal barbecues which often smother their surroundings with thick black smoke, a quality electric grilling machine only generates the good smell of grilled meats. And with a barbecue with a lid, it’s even better, because the appliance does not let out cooking smoke and avoids splashes of grease and food debris.

Which electric grill to choose?

Find out which is the best quality grill among the selection of the best sellers of the moment.

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